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Unshakable Trust With Alison Yanni

TRUST is closing your eyes at the moment of impact, in a car accident that comes too fast to do anything else but brake and hold the steering wheel tight.. while your car spins.

TRUST is signing a lease for a home for you and the boys after you’ve left your husband. TRUST is knowing you will be held without proof, that you can pay rent on a home that is more than what you had on a shared income.

TRUST is knowing, somewhere out there, this all makes sense. Even if in the moment it all feels like madness.

When we dream Big, declare Big, and step into our Truest Truth it can be terrifying. TRUST is there whispering in your ears if you let yourself listen. ‘I’ve got you’. ‘We won’t let you fail’. ‘One step at a time’. ‘It’s Time!’.

In the most pivotal moments when Trust asks for our attention – we are being pushed beyond what we’ve ever known. The tears come, the anger comes, the fear comes. Our humanness is being stretched and what we thought we could handle is rattling our insides on a biological level. These first few experiences with Trust show us what we have to heal. It is both a beautiful and scary journey, and there is usually no road map.

TRUST is as much about surrendering as it is about Knowing.

You have doubted for so long that you have programmed doubt and fear when you could choose joy and excitement. You forgot that in the human experience it takes longer for things to come into form – this is simply due to frequency and density of form. If you can allow yourself to take an eagle’s eye view of your life you can acknowledge that the path is clear and you are on your way. This is hard to accept if all you see is the immediate road blocks which are intentionally being experienced so you may grow and make corrections in your life and mindset.

As time passes, TRUST becomes a friend, someone familiar. TRUST is someone you tell your fears to and in response you get a hug. Trust calms you down when things change quickly and reminds you that you’ve overcome so much already in this life. Trust pushes you to your most audacious dreams, cheering you on at every turn.

Trust is knowing you will always be held and bigger than that – you will always be Loved. Trust is a relationship between You and the Divine and it is a relationship between You and You.

So I ask you this Comadre, what would it take to have Unshakable Trust? What part of you would have to be put to rest so that Unshakeable Trust could thrive and give you the life of your dreams? 

Now take one step in the direction of that Truth. You are Held. TRUST.