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What started in 2018 as an in person Miami based networking group is now an online and in person community dedicated to unifying and elevating entrepreneurial spirited, self-identifying women from around the world while creating a space where we thrive in every area of our lives.

Our core values include:

We are committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive community that will challenge, support, and thrill you in your journey. When we come together, we see ourselves in each other. We see the same fears, the same insecurities, the same doubts. We also speak our dreams out loud and we become guardians of each others’ success. We see one another’s power, beauty and possibility – and we start to see our own. As we uplift one another, we all rise together. We invite you to join our community, get clear about your purpose and uncover the courage in you to go after it.

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Our Team



Meet Our CEO:

Jaime Nolan, CEO of The Anima Collective, is a Life & Business Coach. Over the last fifteen years Jaime has helped hundreds of people find their true selves, live the life they dream of and build businesses that they love. She is committed to helping people share big ideas and to see their greatness, so that they can live in their true potential. She is a powerful Taurus who will have you grounding in your greatest vision, and knowing you can thrive at the things that might feel impossible right now. Jaime’s career experience ranges from Health and Wellness to Mindset work. Originally from NY, Jaime lives in Miami with her husband, three teenage girls and funny little dog Luna. She is the friend who will always be there for you and help you believe that you can do hard things.


Our Online Business Manager:

Kim Astacio-Murphy is the Online Business Manager for the Anima Collective. In the past five years, Kim has helped dozens of women grow and scale their businesses, and serve more by doing less.  Kim believes that a rising tide lifts all boats, and is committed to bettering the lives of women personally and professionally by helping them earn the income they desire or simply reminding them to drop the expectations of others and tap into what they really want.  After serving a number of businesses in South Florida, from small operations to large universities, Kim is uniquely familiar with the needs of overwhelmed business owners. She supports the Anima Collective by creating systems that capture and implement the growing needs of this powerful community! Kim is a mom to two children, an advocate for moms of children with special needs, and you can always count on her to drink way too much coffee!