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Manifesting Movement Exploration

Take a moment to set up a comfortable and inspiring space for yourself.

Light a candle, make tea or bring in a flower from outside. 

When you’re ready, get in a comfortable position (personally I like to do this standing, but you choose what’s best for you). Place your hand over your heart and feel your heartbeat. If you don’t feel it, try leaving one hand over your heart and place the other over the side of your throat. Stay with your heart beat and breath for a few minutes. While connecting to your heart, notice what sensations you feel in your body and what emotions rise. I invite you to connect with your vitality. Thank your heart for pumping life into you. 

Slowly begin caressing your skin as if you’re following the flow of your veins. Imagine your bloodstream as a golden liquid running through your body giving you life. While flowing, begin exploring what brings you life and makes you feel alive. Allow whatever comes up to stay with  you and soak it up, not worrying about how you’ll get there, simply imagine being there, immersing yourself in that desire that has been brought to light by your heart. 

You can choose to move around your space, dance, continue caressing yourself, w.e comes naturally for you. Don’t rush, indulge. 

When you’re ready to pause, grab your journal and free write all that came up for you. When you are done, write a concise list of your desires that you’d like to bring to life. Personally, when I do this, it’s one big desire at a time, and I write down all the details I experienced, but see what comes up for you. 

I find this to be a helpful first step in bringing to life my heart’s wishes. Next, choose a special place to keep this list, such as a keepsakes box. You’re welcome to revisit this list a year from now and see what desires came true, which showed up in a different way and which you have let go of. 

Connecting to your heart is typically a great place to start when wanting to uncover your true desires, instead of only trying to think up what you want. Remember you can always return to your heart and listen to what it has to share with you. 

Happy “ Embodied Manifesting!“

A letter from the writer: 

Hi there, I’m Elizabet, a board-certified Dance Therapist. I specialize in past trauma and transitional periods. Because of my work, I have mixed feelings about the word manifesting and how it is used. 

In all honesty, when I received the topic of manifesting, I said to myself, “Oh no!” First, I’ll share my issues with it, then I’ll share a juicy movement exploration you can try out! What I don’t like about how it’s used is the idea that every single thing you think, you become. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am on board with how powerful our mind is. However, if you truly believe that you will call in all that you think about, then those who experience anxiety can feel even more fear that the intrusive thoughts they are thinking will actually come true. 

As a new mama, who just experienced a bunch of intrusive thoughts during the early postpartum stage, I can say they are scary, to say the least. Basically, they are worst case scenarios that can be exaggerated and dangerous. The other problem can be feeling like a failure if you keep trying to manifest something and it is not coming true. 

If you consider manifesting, getting clear on your true desires, trusting, believing, and being open to receiving them, then I am on board with that practice! I think the tricky thing is being detached from the results while also taking action to make those desires a reality. 

In fact, I’d love to share an exploration for you to try out. My life goal is to help women reconnect to their body’s natural wisdom and experience their body as a resource. For this exploration we will be connecting to the heart. I also believe there’s a time and place for manifesting. 

If you’re feeling lots of pressure to get it right, come back at a later time. Rather than thinking of this as manifesting, I view this exploration as an opportunity to simply connect to my heart. 

That way, I’m not stuck in my mind trying to come up with what I want to manifest, instead I let my heart lead the way.