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An inclusive community where soul development meets entrepreneurship



The soul, especially the creative, intuitive and inspired aspect of our life.

col·lec·tive /kəˈlektiv/

A group of women with shared passions and values uplifting each other in business and in life.

Vision Statement

What started in 2018 as an in person Miami based networking group is now an online and in person community dedicated to unifying and elevating entrepreneurial spirited, self-identifying women from around the world while creating a space where we thrive in
every area of our lives.

We believe in magic and inspiration. We don’t just work hard but we are holistic in our approach, your life and your business are intertwined. We want to inspire you to bring more soul and purpose into your work and your life.

We believe in radical inclusivity, This community is open for all self-identifying women, from all ages, backgrounds, and life experiences. Learning from the collectives’ life experience helps us grow in life and in business.

We believe in radical authenticity, be you, we want to see it! Your vulnerability, your openness, and your heart. This means stepping outside of your comfort zone and showing up even when it’s scary.

Three women laughing together

We believe in accountability, business growth, collaborations and celebrate each other’s wins! If we hold ourselves high we can hold our community high, with this we can all be held in abundance.

We believe in giving back, helping each other and growing in life and business. In this community you’ll connect with new and experienced entrepreneurs, Executive Directors of nonprofits, women with 9-5’s, side hustles, and women exploring the next phase of their life. Each one has something you can learn, allow that magic to come.

We believe in allowing the journey to surprise us with the magical, amazing life you want!

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Who We Are

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where soul development and entrepreneurship meet

we're an
inclusive community

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An inclusive digital community. Get ready for evolution

The collective is all over the world!