Janine Stone: Let’s Talk About Growth

Growth can be a funny thing. It often sneaks up on you when you don’t realize and you can’t necessarily see it until you have grown. To grow is to live and when we stop growing, we truly stop living. I can personally vouch for this truth. At 46 years old, I can look back […]

Manifesting Movement Exploration

Take a moment to set up a comfortable and inspiring space for yourself. Light a candle, make tea or bring in a flower from outside.  When you’re ready, get in a comfortable position (personally I like to do this standing, but you choose what’s best for you). Place your hand over your heart and feel […]

Unshakable Trust With Alison Yanni

Alison Yanni

TRUST is closing your eyes at the moment of impact, in a car accident that comes too fast to do anything else but brake and hold the steering wheel tight.. while your car spins. TRUST is signing a lease for a home for you and the boys after you’ve left your husband. TRUST is knowing […]